Turmoil at Georgia Prior to Kentucky Game

What a crazy week…and it’s only Thursday!

Amid multiple false reports this morning saying that either head coach Mark Richt or defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt (or both) had been fired, Mark Richt felt the temperature was hot enough to send a tweet:

A lot of the rumors (which included Pruitt punching Richt for ‘being fired’) seemed to stem from an article in USA Today.

So what does that mean for the Cats?  T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Teams routinely find Kentucky on their schedules when internal turmoil occurs, yet somehow seem to always find that event ‘bringing them together’.  Maybe the historic Cats thought games with this kind of turmoil would be easy.  Whatever, the reason, it’s never ended well.

I will admit though, I don’t think there’s been this much turmoil with an opponent in recent memory.  In addition to the coaching distractions…

  1.  Georgia has no quarterback right now.  Faton Bauta was the 3rd string QB before starting against Florida last week.  Reportedly, he’s been playing safety on the scout team this week.  This has Georgia fans up in arms about who is going to start against Kentucky Saturday…and rightfully so.  My guess is Grayson Lambert.
  2.  Their top two running backs are hurt.  We all saw Chubb go down.  So disappointing to see so much talent flushed down the drain on the first run of the game against Tennessee.  Sony Michel finished the Florida game playing with a fractured hand.  That’s won’t stop him from playing against Kentucky, but I wonder how strong that hand can actually be to carry the ball – I imagine the Cats to try to punch the ball every time he carries it.
  3.  Two defensive players were arrested this week for marijuana possession.  Natrez Patrick and Chauncey Rivers were arrested this week for admitting to smoking marijuana in a car in a Georgia parking garage after midnight.  Patrick has played in 7 games this season, mostly on special teams and Rivers has played in two games this season.  Just another black eye to an already suffering program.

Athens is in a dark place.  The question is, can the Cats travel through the darkness and find the light?

Stoops has said it’s been a good week of practice.  Guess we’ll find out Saturday.

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