What Fans Need To See From Cats vs. Charlotte

Commonwealth Stadium will play host to the Wildcats taking on Charlotte at 7:30.  If you’re in town…go.  Seriously.  Tomorrow night could be a major ‘changing of the guard’ in Kentucky football as Drew Barker will get his first career start as a redshirt freshman.

Me, being in Atlanta, I’ll be watching, analyzing and tweeting (assuming we kick out our lunch guests by then).

Anyhow, here’s what the Cats need to do to reclaim the fan base – not suggesting that it’s lost, but there’s a definite wavering among fans in the Bluegrass.  Some fans have been clamoring for Barker since the Florida game.  Others, more recently with the disappointing offensive struggles.  Some fans want to see members of the coaching staff changed.  During the last 6 games, it’s been rough.  So here go…

  1.  Explosive plays.  We got one against Vanderbilt – a 67 yard run by Boom Williams, which was followed by a lackluster and momentum-killing field goal.  We need to see, big runs and big passes.  This offense was told to be a juggernaut…we haven’t seen anything of the sort this season.
  2. Points.  For the love of God, can the offense, please, score some points.  The Cats need to score 40+ against a division 1AA opponent and need to win convincingly.  The recipe, I believe for this is a steady dose of Boom Williams, which will open up the passing game for Barker.  Shannon Dawson, also, needs to call easy throws early in the game, including bubble screens, slip screens, slants and short curls to CJ Conrad in the middle of the field.  Build the kid’s confidence through his play, then let him go crazy in play action, once he’s found his stride.
  3. Defense.  This one I’m struggling with because the defense has played pretty well over all the last few weeks.  When your back is against the wall because the offense turns the ball over in plus-territory, it’s really hard to look good.  But the Cats need to force turnovers and win the turnover battle – I’m looking for 3+ turnovers and 4 sacks as my measuring stick this week.

What other things would you like to see tomorrow?  Post a comment or tweet me @BBNSportsKSCDJ!

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